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Thank you for taking a minute to view a few samples of my work – it means a lot to me! Below are samples of a few Web sites I have created. Please also take a quick look at some of my print designs.

A high-impact Personal Trainer needs a site with a personal touch.

My involvement on this exciting site was logo creation, front-end layout and graphic design. Given complete creative freedom, I created a site that would put the “personal” in “personal trainer.” The client greatly appreciated the concept, which conveyed the personal touch he believed differentiated him from competitors (That, and his 9 Ironman’s). Working with the “Training Peaks” third-party system, this site wired up to clients’ workout schedules, goals and progress to give them motivation and quick any-time access to the analytics driving their physical well-being.

Home Grown Omaha

Home Grown Omaha supports the Nebraska Children’s Home Society, finding homes for children in Nebraska.

Home Grown Omaha is an annual event aimed at supporting the Nebraska Children’s Home Society (NCHS), an organization whose services are centered around creating healthy environments for kids and families. In 2009, the steering organization for the NCHS, called BRANCH, approached PooleDesign about bringing their presence to the Web. Since this Web site had a very specific target, and timetable, the Web site needed to be a simple, yet compelling piece of their aggressive marketing campaign. That year, the number of foster care families served by NCHS quadrupled.

TechSeed: An IT Collaboration Space

An IT collaboration site built with Open Atrium Drupal.

I developed this site over a couple of lunch hours after hearing rumblings of dissatisfaction across the organization about the lack of a full-featured collaboration site that could foster creativity, excellent user experiences and business requirements. The concept was to allow developers to focus on groups and projects that pertained to them, while offloading time-consuming email and other communication barriers.

Data-Driven Financial Firm

Visual representation of financial data with Flash wired to SQL database.

A typically conservative financial firm had some new ideas in mind when their Web site needed to convey a great deal of meaningful, yet complex data. A Flash-based application allowed investors and financial advisors to see this firms strategies and investment decision over time with an interactive pie chart controlled by a visual timeline. After working with the investment analysts, I was able to show them how the Web could also convey an additional dimension of an additional dataset, specifically, the amount of risk these portfolios had taken over those time periods. They were ecstatic not only because this was critical information to tell their story, but more importantly because they hadn’t asked for it!

A beautiful photography-driven CMS written in PHP and MySQL.

This site knew how to be beautiful by letting the subtle layout and design elements take a back seat to the real visual spectacle, the photographs – which also happened to be the products for sale on this site, which worked out nicely! Developed with PHP and mySQL, this was probably my first attempt at writing a home-grown user-driven Content Management System (CMS). The main functionality allowed the site owner to post new nature photography and posters of national parks. All the products were categorized by various “taxonomies” given descriptions, associated with similar posters “you might like” and finally wired up to a Paypal eCommerce engine.

An Omaha salon that knows beauty is on the outside, at least when it comes to your home page.

This local full-service salon was looking to upgrade their own look with concepts like sophistication and sleek design at the forefront of their creative palette. Working directly with the highly detail-oriented creative owners, we put together a look that launched an entire online campaign for them. With the confidence that their home

page was somewhere they could be proud to send prospective clients to learn about their philosophy, services and stylists, they now get an amazing number of referrals and booked appointments directly from Web marketing around their site. FYI – this is another site with an early 2011 Drupal CMS release in mind, so look for a lot more to be said about them in the near future.

Open Atrium Intranet 

A fully-functional collaborative workspace built for a highly-motivated group of young professionals and angel investors who seek non-profit startups to support.

The best way for me to convince a highly-motivated group of young professionals that there was a better way to communicate, was to prototype out this group intranet site. Rather than “tell” them they could have a collaborative, group-driven workspace that allowed them to create custom content, stay in communication, plan events and pioneer a new way of working… I decided to show them. So I built one. This site was basically my recommendation to fulfill the group’s need to effectively communicate and get things done. At its core, the type of knowledge sharing and communicating they needed, is exactly what this site is built to do. Functioning much like basecamp or Google Groups, this is an Open Atrium site, built on the open source Drupal CMS framework.

“Edgy” and “Hip” were the client’s requirements when she kicked off the creative brainstorming session for a site to showcase her unique custom jewelry designs.

“Edgy” and “Hip” were the client’s requirements when she kicked off the creative brainstorming session for a site to showcase her unique custom jewelry designs.

Written in .NET at the time, this site needed to be a fully-functional Content Management System (CMS) with ability to catalogue, query and display custom jewelry pieces designed by hand. The client wanted the ability to upload images and organize them by collections she would define. If only I had known about Drupal and Taxonomy when I originally built it. The client also needed the ability to update a variety of other pages like store locations, news and events. That functionality was an absolute joy to recreate!